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How much time are you spending taking care of the bookkeeping, raising invoices, calculating your GST returns, figuring out why you cannot get the accounts to balance, trying to figure out how much money is owed to you and how much you owe your suppliers? How many of your billable hours are you spending on these never-ending (but critical) tasks, and what else could you be doing with this precious time?

Your business started off small, you were able to easily juggle these tasks – invoices were sent out regularly (meaning cash in the bank), you knew how much you owed your suppliers because all the bills were loaded into a neat spreadsheet with the copies of the bills in your “Bills to Pay” file on the second shelf of your book case in the office.

But now you are growing, business is booming, sales are flowing in, life is great, right? Now you need to add payroll to the list of tasks to take care of, oh and PAYE due the 20th of every month. Your invoicing gets pushed out to weekends, you know, when the phones are quiet and you have time to catch up. That cool “Bills to Pay” file on the second shelf of your book case in your office has not been touched in weeks and you are not quite sure if you really want to know how much you owe because you are not sure what is due in – because you need to still catch up on that invoicing. You know the IRD sent you an email about some or other matter, but you are too anxious to go and look to see what it is that they need from you…

All of this is milling in the back of your mind as you are trying to get on with what you want to achieve in your business. You know that you need robust back office bookkeeping systems, but where do you start? If you do find someone, what will they think of the mess on your desk, the unbilled job cards sitting in the in tray, the scattered receipts and invoices lying all over the desk….

It does not have to come to this, there is an easier way, I promise, and it is not as daunting task as you may expect it to be.

Don’t ask me why, but I have a great passion to get that office sorted, to get your invoices out on time and get you set up with the robust systems you so desperately need to get a handle on your finances. I have worked with so many business owners over the past 10 years, and I understand how overwhelming this may seem, but it really does not have to be that way. We do not scoff at our clients when we see what they are struggling with in their business because we know how hard it can become. We love to help get things in order so you can have clear visibility on the finances and focus on what the business need from you to keep growing.

A good bookkeeper is a valuable asset to you and your business. They will always have your back and always be willing to help. We will work to streamline processes and iron out all the “kinks” you are experiencing, and provide all the support you need to get on with getting on in your business!

Don’t allow the accounts to create anxiety, it is never to late to find a great bookkeeper that will wave her magic wand and get that office humming along splendidly.